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Office Cupboards

MyWorkspace is the home of transformative office solutions where functionality meets elegance. Our curated selection of high-quality cupboards offers you a diverse array of sizes, configurations, and colours to cater to the unique needs of your workspace. As a trailblazer in office refurbishments, MyWorkspace goes beyond providing just storage solutions. We deliver a seamless fusion of design and practicality. Whether you're a business owner needing a complete office overhaul or a senior management team aiming to enhance organisational efficiency, our cupboards stand as a testament to precision craftsmanship and thoughtful design.

The role of office cupboards extends far beyond storage. They are indispensable assets that contribute significantly to the overall efficiency and productivity of a workspace. The availability of well-designed and strategically placed cupboards brings about a range of benefits that directly impact the working environment, creating a positive atmosphere conducive to heightened productivity.

Organisation and clutter reduction

Office cupboards serve as organisational champions, providing designated spaces for files, documents and office supplies. A clutter-free workspace translates to a clutter-free mind, enabling staff to focus on tasks at hand without the distraction of a disorganised environment. Quick and easy access to essential materials is paramount in a busy work environment. Cupboards facilitate organised storage, ensuring that employees can locate and retrieve necessary items without unnecessary delays. This streamlined workflow translates to enhanced work efficiency, reducing the time spent searching for materials and allowing for more productive use of time.

Professional aesthetics

Beyond their functional role, well-designed cupboards contribute to the overall aesthetics of the office space. A tidy and visually appealing workspace can have a positive impact on employee morale and motivation. It creates an atmosphere of professionalism, building a sense of pride in the workplace, and encouraging employees to perform at their best.

Confidentiality and security

In many business settings, confidentiality is of utmost importance. An office cupboard provides a secure space for storing sensitive documents and confidential information. This not only safeguards critical data but also instils a sense of trust among employees, knowing that their work and the company's information is handled with the utmost care.

Make the best use of space

Office cupboards, available in various sizes and configurations, allow for intelligent use of space. This is particularly valuable in smaller or open-concept office layouts where efficient use of space is crucial. By making the most of the available square footage, businesses can optimise their workspace, accommodating growth without sacrificing functionality.

Tailored office cupboards for every need

MyWorkspace offers a diverse range of office cupboards in various sizes, configurations and colours to meet your specific requirements. Our high-quality cupboards are not only durable but also designed to integrate seamlessly with your office aesthetics. We understand that businesses come in all shapes and sizes, each with unique storage needs and spatial constraints. That's why our diverse range of cupboards, available in low, medium, and high configurations, is meticulously designed to cater for the varied requirements of different industries and office setups. These versatile storage solutions are not just about hiding away office supplies. They are strategic assets that can be customised to serve a multitude of purposes, enhancing organisation and efficiency across the board.

Low Cupboards

A low office cupboard is perfect for businesses looking to use under-desk or restricted vertical space. These compact storage solutions are ideal for storing personal belongings, stationery or frequently accessed documents. In open-plan offices, low cupboards can also serve as discreet barriers, defining workspaces while maintaining a collaborative atmosphere.

Medium cupboards

Offering a balanced blend of storage capacity and versatility, our medium cupboards are well-suited for businesses seeking a comprehensive storage solution. These cupboards can house a variety of office essentials, from office supplies to project materials. Their mid-height design makes them adaptable for use as standalone units or as components of a larger storage system.

High Cupboards

When businesses require substantial storage capacity without compromising on style or functionality, our high cupboards take centre stage. Our tall storage units are perfect for storing archives, bulk supplies or larger equipment. With their generous height, they make efficient use of vertical space, providing an organised and accessible storage solution for businesses with extensive storage needs.

A wide colour palette of choice

At MyWorkspace, we believe that the aesthetics of your office environment play a crucial role in shaping the overall atmosphere and influencing the productivity of your team. That's why our range of cupboards isn't just limited to practicality; we offer a spectrum of colours to ensure that businesses can choose the perfect shade to complement their brand identity, office decor and the overall ambience they wish to cultivate.

Black for sophistication and elegance

A black office cupboard conveys a sense of professionalism and modernity. Often chosen for executive offices or contemporary workspaces, black cupboards exude sophistication and pair seamlessly with a variety of office furniture and decor styles. This colour choice makes a bold statement while maintaining a sleek and timeless appearance.

White for cleanliness and simplicity

White cupboards are synonymous with cleanliness, simplicity and a minimalist aesthetic. Ideal for creating an open and airy atmosphere, white cupboards contribute to a sense of space and light. This colour choice is popular in creative environments and collaborative workspaces where a clean, fresh look is desired.

Grey Oak for versatility and neutrality

Grey oak storage cupboards offer a neutral backdrop that blends effortlessly with various office colour schemes. The versatility of grey oak makes it an excellent choice for businesses seeking a modern, understated aesthetic. Whether used in individual workstations or communal spaces, grey oak cupboards provide a timeless and adaptable solution.

Oak for warmth and natural appeal

Oak cupboards bring a touch of warmth and natural appeal to the office environment. This wood-inspired colour choice is perfect for businesses aiming to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Oak cupboards seamlessly integrate with both traditional and contemporary office designs, adding a touch of nature to the workspace.

Maple for a bright and invigorating workspace

Maple cupboards add a bright and invigorating element to the office space. This light wood tone is often chosen to create a positive and energising environment. Businesses looking to bring a sense of warmth and openness may opt for maple cupboards, especially in areas where natural light is abundant.

Beech for timeless elegance

Beech cupboards offer a timeless elegance that suits a range of office settings. The warm and inviting nature of beech wood makes it a popular choice for creating a classic and refined atmosphere. Whether used in executive offices or shared workspaces, beech cupboards add a touch of sophistication to the workplace.

High gloss elegance

Our high-gloss storage cupboards redefine office storage by infusing a sense of luxury and refinement. The reflective surface of the high gloss finish not only adds a touch of glamour but also creates a dynamic visual impact. These cupboards are not just storage solutions, they are design elements that contribute to the overall aesthetic of your office.

High gloss black - Bold, timeless and executive

Black exudes sophistication, and our high-gloss black cupboards take it to the next level. Ideal for executive offices and contemporary workspaces, the high gloss finish amplifies the richness of black, creating a statement piece that demands attention. The reflective surface adds a touch of drama, making these cupboards a focal point of any room.

High gloss white - Clean, crisp and versatile

For those who prefer a clean and crisp aesthetic, our high-gloss white cupboards are the epitome of versatility. The glossy finish enhances the brightness of white, creating a visually striking yet minimalist look. These cupboards effortlessly integrate into a variety of office styles, from modern and futuristic to classic and timeless.

Tambour cupboards

Our tambour storage cupboards are precision-crafted, fully welded, high-capacity cupboards that feature easy-glide vertical tambour doors, revolutionising the way you access and organise your workspace. The tambour door system ensures seamless opening and closing, allowing for unrestricted access to the cupboard's contents without compromising on space efficiency. Security is paramount, and our tambour cupboards boast high security locking mechanisms, providing peace of mind for the protection of valuable assets and confidential documents. Compliant with BS standards, these cupboards not only meet but exceed industry benchmarks for quality and reliability.

Cupboards with open shelves

MyWorkspace supplies a revolutionary storage solution with cupboards featuring integrated open shelves, combining the best of concealed and accessible storage. This innovative design allows businesses to seamlessly balance organisation and aesthetics, with the flexibility to display decorative items or frequently accessed supplies while maintaining a tidy workspace. The incorporation of cupboards with open shelves optimises the use of space, creating a versatile storage unit that adapts to various office settings. Crafted for durability and style, these cupboards offer a sleek and professional design that enhances the overall atmosphere of the workspace.

Why MyWorkspace?

Choosing MyWorkspace for your office refurbishments is not just a practical decision but a transformative one. Our experienced team goes beyond providing high-quality cupboards to design the perfect office interior tailored to your business's unique needs. With an extensive range of cupboards, we offer versatile solutions to elevate your workspace. Invest in the highest quality storage cupboards crafted for durability, functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Please contact our team today to embark on a journey toward a workspace that reflects excellence and improves productivity. Let MyWorkspace be your partner in creating a workspace that goes beyond expectations.

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