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Office Screens & Partitions

Transform your workspace into a haven of productivity and style with MyWorkspace, your premier destination for top-tier office screens. Revitalise your office environment and create a space that inspires creativity, focus and collaboration.

At MyWorkspace, we take pride in offering an extensive and exciting range of high-quality office screens, carefully curated to meet the diverse needs of modern workplaces. Whether you're looking for desk screens to enhance individual workstations or floor standing screens to redefine open spaces, we have the perfect solutions to meet your requirements.

Desk-Mounted Screens

In the dynamic world of modern work environments, the concept of an ideal workspace is constantly evolving. MyWorkspace is at the forefront of this evolution, introducing desk-mounted screens that blend functionality and style to create a harmonious work environment.

Our desk-mounted screens are designed with precision and innovation, providing a perfect balance between privacy and collaboration. As your trusted partner in optimising workspaces, we understand the significance of individual focus and productivity. That's why our desk-mounted screens are crafted to enhance your workstations, fostering an atmosphere of concentration and creativity.

Focused Work Zones

MyWorkspace desk-mounted screens serve as the architects of focused work zones, strategically carving out dedicated spaces within the office. These screens act as visual delineators, creating an environment where individuals can immerse themselves in tasks with undivided attention. By creating defined work zones, desk screens enhance concentration, mitigate external distractions and establish an atmosphere conducive to the production of high-quality, uninterrupted work. As a result, employees experience heightened focus and productivity, ensuring that each project receives the attention it deserves within their personalised work sanctuaries.

Personalised Privacy

Tailoring your workspace becomes a reality with MyWorkspace desk-mounted screens, offering a customisable solution that delivers individual privacy needs. Within the dynamic framework of an open office layout, these screens empower employees to curate their own private enclaves. By adjusting the configuration of the screens, individuals strike the perfect balance between collaborative engagement and personal concentration. This tailored approach not only builds a sense of autonomy but also ensures that privacy preferences can be aligned with the collaborative ethos of the team, striking a harmonious balance between connection and seclusion.

Improved Task Management

MyWorkspace desk-mounted screens are not merely dividers; they are organisers, facilitating efficient task management within the workspace. The partitioned spaces created by these screens offer a clear distinction between work areas, enabling individuals to organise tasks effectively. This targeted approach enhances task management, ensuring that each project receives the attention it deserves within a well-defined workspace. With improved organisation and delineation, employees can navigate their workflow more efficiently, contributing to a streamlined and productive work environment.

Collaboration without Compromise

Striking the perfect equilibrium between individual focus and collaborative engagement, MyWorkspace desk-mounted screens redefine the dynamics of teamwork. The screens integrate seamlessly into an open office layout, allowing for the creation of private spaces when needed. By encouraging teamwork without compromising personal space and concentration, desk screens become catalysts for a harmonious work environment. The flexibility they provide empowers employees to adapt their workspace to the evolving needs of projects and teams, ensuring a collaborative yet individually empowering workspace.

Enhanced Well-Being

Recognising the profound impact of the work environment on employee well-being, MyWorkspace places a premium on creating a balanced workspace. The desk-mounted screens not only contribute to heightened productivity but also play a pivotal role in cultivating a positive work atmosphere. By delivering an environment that respects individual privacy, supports focused work and encourages collaboration, these screens contribute to increased job satisfaction and overall well-being. MyWorkspace is dedicated to crafting workspaces that not only maximise productivity but also prioritise the holistic well-being of every team member. Welcome to a transformative era of work efficiency - welcome to MyWorkspace!

Floor Standing Screens

MyWorkspace floor standing screens empower you to be the architect of your workspace, allowing you to create dynamic office layouts that adapt to the ever-changing needs of your business. Whether you're encouraging collaboration in an open environment or seeking to establish designated work zones, floor standing office partitions provide a versatile solution. Rearrange, reconfigure and revitalise your office space to accommodate new projects, teams or evolving workflows without the constraints of fixed structures.

Spatial Division without Compromise

Strike the perfect balance between open collaboration and spatial division with MyWorkspace floor standing screens. Floor standing office dividers offer a visual distinction between different areas of your office without compromising the overall sense of connectivity. Encourage teamwork and communication while providing employees with defined spaces for focused work. The result is a harmonious blend of openness and structure that supports a dynamic and adaptable work environment.

Customisable Configurations

Tailor your office space to perfection with our floor standing office partitions, available in a diverse range of sizes, heights and designs. Whether you envisage an open-plan layout with strategic screen placements or a more segmented arrangement, our customisable configurations allow you to bring your vision to life. Choose designs that complement your brand aesthetics and support your team's unique workflow, creating an environment that is both functional and visually inspiring.

Enhanced Privacy Options

Privacy is a valuable commodity in the modern workplace, and MyWorkspace floor standing office dividers offer a flexible solution to address this need. Create private workstations, meeting areas, or breakout spaces as required, adjusting the configuration to accommodate changing privacy needs. These office dividers act as versatile partitions, providing a sense of seclusion without the permanence of traditional walls, creating an environment that supports individual focus and collaboration alike.

Acoustic Comfort

In a bustling office, managing noise is essential for maintaining a productive work environment. MyWorkspace floor standing screens act as effective sound barriers, reducing ambient noise and creating a quieter, more focused atmosphere. Improve acoustic comfort in your workspace, allowing employees to concentrate better and communicate more effectively, ultimately contributing to improved work efficiency and overall well-being.

Effortless Installation and Reconfiguration

MyWorkspace understands the importance of a hassle-free experience, and our floor standing screens are designed for effortless installation and reconfiguration. Adapt your office space quickly and efficiently to accommodate growth, team changes or project-specific requirements. Enjoy the freedom to experiment with different layouts, allowing your workspace to evolve without the constraints of permanent fixtures. With MyWorkspace, flexibility is at your fingertips, ensuring your office space is always optimised for success.

Cost-Effective Alternative

MyWorkspace floor standing screens offer a budget-friendly alternative to traditional building solutions. Opting for our screens eliminates the need for expensive construction work and the associated costs of building materials and labour. The installation process is quick and straightforward, saving both time and money. This cost-effective approach allows businesses to allocate resources more efficiently, investing in other critical areas without compromising on the quality and adaptability of their office space.

Minimal Disruption

Choosing MyWorkspace floor standing screens ensures a straightforward integration process with minimal disruption to your daily operations. Unlike conventional building solutions that often require extensive construction work, our office partitions can be installed swiftly without major disturbances. This means that your team can continue working without the inconvenience and downtime typically associated with more invasive construction projects. MyWorkspace provides a practical, non-disruptive solution to enhance your office space without causing unnecessary disturbances.

Eco-Friendly Design

MyWorkspace is committed to sustainability, and our floor standing screens reflect this commitment through their eco-friendly design. By choosing our screens over permanent construction, you contribute to a reduction in environmental impact. Our screens are crafted using materials that prioritise sustainability and recyclability, promoting a greener approach to office design. MyWorkspace is dedicated to providing solutions that not only benefit your business but also contribute to a more environmentally conscious and sustainable future.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Opting for MyWorkspace floor standing screens is a step towards reducing your carbon footprint. By choosing a solution that requires fewer materials and less energy during installation compared to traditional building methods, you actively contribute to environmental conservation. MyWorkspace is proud to offer a sustainable alternative that aligns with global efforts to reduce resource consumption and promote eco-friendly practices. Make a positive impact on the environment without compromising on the quality or adaptability of your office space with MyWorkspace's environmentally conscious floor standing screens.

A Strategic Investment

Incorporating MyWorkspace desk screens and floor standing screens into your office design is a strategic investment with multifaceted benefits for business owners and senior management teams. These screens enhance productivity by providing focused work zones, customisable privacy, and efficient spatial division. Offering dynamic layouts and adaptability without the disruption of traditional construction, they are a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution. Our experienced team at

MyWorkspace is ready to guide you through the process, ensuring the perfect design for your office interior. Revitalise your workspace with the highest quality office screens that effortlessly blend functionality, aesthetics and sustainability. Experience the transformation today - reimagine your workspace with MyWorkspace!

Discover the possibilities for your office space. Contact MyWorkspace today to consult with our experts and explore how our desk screens and floor standing screens can elevate your workplace. Let us design a solution tailored to your unique needs, delivering the highest quality office screens for a workspace that inspires productivity and innovation. Transform your office environment with MyWorkspace - where design meets functionality.

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