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Meeting Tables

Meeting Tables – High-Quality Meeting Room Tables

In the world of business, the workplace is more than just a physical space. It's an embodiment of a company's ethos, culture, and functionality. As a business owner or senior management team, when you contemplate office refurbishments, you will need to consider every aspect carefully. One of the crucial components in shaping your office's environment and facilitating productivity is the selection of the right meeting room tables. MyWorkspace, a leading expert in office interior design, offers an exciting and extensive range of high-quality tables that are sure to meet your unique requirements.

Meeting room tables for effective collaboration

Meeting room tables are more than just pieces of furniture. They are the epicentre of communication, decision-making and collaboration within your organisation. MyWorkspace recognises the importance of a well-designed meeting room, and our extensive collection of office meeting tables ensures that you will find the perfect fit for your needs.

From classic rectangular tables that exude professionalism to innovative circular or modular designs that foster creativity, we have various options for you. Our conference tables are available in a range of sizes, accommodating small huddle meetings as well as larger conference gatherings. Whether you need a table for a small team discussion or a full-scale board meeting, our meeting room tables cater to your requirements.

Conference room tables for productive meetings

In today's business world, meetings extend beyond the physical boardroom. They can take place in flexible, open spaces that encourage collaboration. MyWorkspace's collection of conference room tables includes versatile designs that can be placed in various settings to accommodate different meeting styles. We offer conference room tables in compact sizes suitable for small breakout sessions and larger designs for accommodating bigger groups.

One of the key features that sets MyWorkspace apart is our commitment to providing versatile solutions for your office meeting and conference room tables. We understand that the dynamics of meetings can vary, and one table configuration may not fit all scenarios. That's why we offer a wide range of configurations and modular options to accommodate your unique needs.

Modular table systems: MyWorkspace's modular table systems are designed for adaptability. These systems are essentially a collection of individual table units that can be rearranged to suit different meeting styles and sizes. Here are some common modular configurations you can explore:

Boardroom style: You can arrange modular tables for a formal boardroom meeting in a rectangular or oval configuration. This layout encourages focused discussions and clear communication. It's ideal for presentations, decision-making and strategic planning sessions.

U-Shape or horseshoe: In situations where you want to encourage interaction and maintain eye contact, a U-shaped or horseshoe configuration is a great choice. This setup is perfect for workshops, training sessions and collaborative discussions.

Clustered workstations: For a dynamic and open atmosphere, you can cluster modular tables to create multiple workstations within the same room. This configuration is well-suited for creative brainstorming sessions, team-based activities or agile project meetings.

Conference pods: Create smaller discussion areas within your meeting space by forming conference pods using modular tables. These pods are excellent for breakout sessions, group interviews or informal team meetings.

Custom Layouts: The beauty of modular tables is the freedom to design custom layouts. MyWorkspace's design team can work with you to create a unique configuration that perfectly aligns with your specific meeting requirements and office space constraints.

Height-Adjustable Tables: Our height-adjustable office meeting tables offer even more flexibility. They can transform from standard sitting height to standing height, accommodating different preferences and activities. This is ideal for interactive workshops, presentations, or simply to offer your team a change of scenery during long meetings.

By offering such a diverse selection of configurations, MyWorkspace empowers you to create meeting spaces that are adaptable, functional and visually appealing. Whether you prefer a traditional, formal boardroom setting or a more dynamic and collaborative environment, our modular tables and flexible configurations allow you to tailor your meeting room to your exact requirements.

Mood and ambience

Colour is a potent design element that can transform the mood and ambience of any meeting space. At MyWorkspace, we understand the significance of choosing the right colour for your meeting tables. The selection of colour can influence not only the room's aesthetics but also the emotions and interactions within it. This section explores the enchanting world of colours and their impact on your meeting room's environment. From the classic richness of oak and the lightness of beech to the timeless appeal of maple and the luxurious depth of walnut, we'll also look at the contemporary freshness of white. Each colour has its unique character, allowing you to tailor your meeting room to the desired atmosphere, whether it's traditional, modern, professional or creative.

Oak meeting room tables

Oak is a timeless and versatile choice for meeting room tables. The warm, natural tones of oak exude a sense of classic elegance and sophistication, making it an excellent option for traditional boardrooms. The rich grain and texture of oak can add depth to the room, creating an inviting atmosphere that encourages productive discussions. Oak tables have the unique ability to infuse a sense of history and reliability, perfect for settings where trust and heritage are paramount.

Beech meeting tables

With its light and airy appearance, Beech brings a sense of freshness to meeting spaces. The soft, neutral tone of beech enhances the room's brightness, making it an ideal choice for smaller meeting areas or collaborative zones. Beech meeting tables can make a space feel more open and welcoming, which can be particularly valuable in offices that foster a creative and inclusive atmosphere.

Maple meeting tables

Maple offers a balance between the warmth of oak and the lightness of beech. The subtle, pale hue of maple complements various design styles, from traditional to contemporary. Maple meeting tables provide an elegant and professional look, creating an environment that's ideal for important client meetings or formal presentations. This wood's versatility allows it to blend seamlessly with a wide range of office decors.

Walnut meeting tables

Walnut exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication. The deep, dark tones of walnut create a dramatic contrast that instantly elevates the room's aesthetics. Walnut meeting tables are perfect for upscale executive boardrooms or high-profile presentations. The opulence of walnut adds an air of authority and professionalism to any space, making it a choice for businesses that want to make a lasting impression.

White meeting tables

White is the epitome of simplicity and modernity. White meeting tables are known for their clean, minimalistic aesthetic. They create a sense of space, openness and purity, making them ideal for contemporary office designs. White tables add a sense of neutrality, allowing you to experiment with other colours and accents in the room. They're a popular choice for tech-savvy, creative workspaces where a minimalist yet vibrant environment is valued.

Why choose MyWorkspace?

There are several compelling reasons why you should choose MyWorkspace as your partner in office refurbishments, especially when it comes to meeting tables:

Expertise and experience: MyWorkspace is not just another furniture supplier; we are a team of experienced professionals in office interiors. We understand that the office layout plays a pivotal role in influencing productivity, collaboration and employee well-being. With years of experience, we have honed our skills in creating workspaces that perfectly align with your company's vision and goals.

Customisation: Every business is unique, and we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach won't work. Our team works closely with you to understand your specific requirements, branding, and culture. This enables us to create bespoke office interiors, including meeting tables, that reflect your identity and serve your functional needs.

Quality Assurance: MyWorkspace takes pride in delivering the highest quality meeting tables and office furniture. We source our materials from reputable suppliers and ensure that every piece of furniture is crafted to perfection. Our quality assurance team rigorously inspects each product to guarantee its longevity and aesthetic appeal.

Variety of choice: We understand that no two businesses are the same, and that's why we offer an extensive range of meeting room tables. Whether you need a traditional boardroom table, a modern and modular design, or something entirely unique, we've got you covered. Our conference tables come in various sizes, shapes and colours to suit your preferences.

Functionality and Ergonomics: Good office meeting tables not only look great but also serve their purpose efficiently. MyWorkspace's designs prioritise functionality and ergonomics. We ensure that your meeting room tables provide the right balance of comfort and utility, promoting productive discussions and brainstorming sessions.

Cost-Effective Solutions: While quality is our utmost priority, we also offer cost-effective solutions that suit different budget constraints. We believe that an ideal office refurbishment shouldn't break the bank, and our team can work with you to find the right balance between quality and affordability.

The ultimate choice: Your office space is a reflection of your company's culture, values and goals. When it comes to selecting the right office meeting tables, MyWorkspace stands as the ultimate choice. Our expertise, commitment to quality and extensive range of meeting and conference tables ensure that your workspace becomes a hub for collaboration, productivity and innovation.

As a business owner, you have the opportunity to transform your office into an environment that not only impresses but also fosters the growth and success of your organisation. MyWorkspace is here to guide you through this journey, providing customised solutions that meet your unique needs and preferences. With our support, your office will be a testament to your commitment to excellence. Choose MyWorkspace for your office interior design and meeting table needs and experience the difference that a well-designed workspace can make.

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